Now That I’ve Registered

Welcome to the Supercamp family!

Located at the beautiful Silver Star Mountain Resort, your camp is the complete nordic experience. With daily on-snow training sessions, you will cover technique, distance, and strength on skis. Spend your evenings relaxing at wine & yoga, being inspired by our guest speakers, and hanging out at the camp social.
Each day begins at the meeting spot in the SilverStar village, where you will find coffee and your coaches with a friendly smile. Ski sessions will be from 8:30AM to lunch, then resuming for an afternoon ski from 1:30PM to 3:30PM (for most programs).

What Should I Bring?

Skis, boots, poles

  • Classic boots should fit like running shoes. The cuff comes to your ankle and provides little support.
  • Skis should be about the height of your wrist when extended overhead (reach up!)
  • Poles should hit at the shoulder area, anywhere between your armpit to top of shoulder, depending on your style


  • Skate boots have a taller, stiffer cuff to provide ankle support while skiing
  • Skate skis are roughly your height
  • Poles should be between your upper lip and your nose


  • ski clothing (non-cotton layers)
  • windbreaker or ski jacket
  • ski pants (warm up pants to go add insulation and windproof)
  • a warm outer layer (eg. a down jacket or insulated parka)
  • hat, mitts, gloves, buff
  • sun glasses
  • winter boots
  • running shoes
  • gym clothes
  • bathing suit if you have a hot tub
  • casual clothing
  • water bottle & holder


  • heart rate monitor or watch
  • sunscreen
  • snacks!

Gear Rentals

If you want to try something new, or don’t want the hassle of traveling with skis, we have excellent rental shops in Silver Star Village that can totally outfit you with ski equipment.

Accommodation & Getting Here

Fly into Kelowna, BC. From there, rent a vehicle or use the airport shuttle to drive up to Silver Star Mountain Resort.

NATC Gym & Wax Access

Find a well-equipped gym with change rooms, lockers, and a sauna in the NATC. The wax room is just down the hall! A pass is included in your registration. The NATC facility is open from 6:45AM to 10:00PM daily through the East entrance (ground floor).