What camp is right for me?

How do I know what level to choose?

This is the most common question from our skiers – where do I fit into the XC Supercamp programs? This season, we have split our intermediate group, and we will be offering a few more ‘extra’ programs such as a Race Prep camp and our second Wild Women’s week! Find details below.

SupercampAdd on: Race PrepAdd on: Biathlon
For all abilities. Whether you are a competent skier or a first-timer, the Supercamp provides an inspiring nordic experience. The goal is to workshop your technique, build confidence and skills, and enjoy the beautiful skiing that the mountain has to offer!For Masters athletes.   If you are an athlete with racing experience looking to enhance your understanding of cross country ski training, this camp is for you! The goal is to improve your skiing efficiency, power, and prepare you to race on the Master’s or Loppet circuit. For those who like       a challenge.    Ski with the usual Supercamp program in the technique and ability of your choice. On Thursday afternoon, hang out on the range with our Biathlon coach learning marksmanship skills and combining them with skiing.

Novice: I have little to no cross country skiing experience. I am keen to learn the basics of skiing!

  • I have stood on skis before, and maybe taken a few steps or slides
  • I would like to build my ski technique from a solid foundation
  • I am not yet sure how far I can reasonably ski, and I am looking forward to gliding smoothly and comfortably

Intermediate – Smooth Cruisers: I have cross country skiing experience. I would like to workshop my technique to ski farther and faster!

  • I have skied for years, but it’s time to ski more efficiently.
  • I would like to really take a step back and focus on the foundations of ski technique
  • I would like to ski a max of 10-15km per session (ie. 10km in a 3h morning session)

Intermediate – Faster Blasters: I have cross country skiing experience. I would like to workshop my technique to ski farther and faster!

  • I am relatively fit, and I would like to put in mileage or tackle more challenging terrain while focusing on technique.
  • I would like to ski a max of 30km per session (ie. 30km in a morning session)

Advanced: I am a competent, confident skier with several seasons under my belt. I would like to improve my efficiency on skis. This includes focused work on uphills, downhills, cornering, and find tuning my glide.