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Camp 5 and 6 SOLD OUT!

Quick update: our December camps are sold out! We still have limited space in Camp 3 and 4, with more flexibility in our early dates for Camp 1 and 2. Don’t forget about the January camps – the first weekend is nearly full as well. Very much looking forward to seeing all you wonderful skiers on the ski trails!

2019/20 Dates Are Up!

Missing the snow? Trying to plan for next year? Our 2019/20 season dates are officially up, with registration opening next month!

Last year was amazing – highlights include our Friday photo orienteering, arguable speed records set on the Aberdeen descent, and incredible improvements in our beginner skate groups.

We can’t wait to see what this season has in store for us! Hope to see you there. Stay tuned.

Keith Nicol’s Latest Blog Post is Up!

This is one of our 7-day superstars Michael with head coach Bryana – he made incredible gains technically, and had the biggest smile out on trails! We are so proud to have such motivated, positive skiers at our camps.

Our first five camps have run, and we’ve had an absolute blast on snow with our Supercamp skiers! Between the incredible conditions, beautiful views, and huge technical gains, it’s hard to pinpoint the best part. Highlights include our Friday ‘Orienteering’ points challenge, a fascial release / recovery talk from physiotherapist Greg Redman, and the sunny (but snowy) conditions we’ve been lucky to have!

Please find an update on early season camps at coach Keith Nicol’s Blog:

Photos to come after Supercamp 6 wraps up!

Early Season Camps Sold Out!

Our early season camps for November and December sold out in record time this year! If you would like to join our camp, we have limited space left in January and many spaces remaining in our February camp!

The first Supercamp is wrapping up today – tired smiles and beautiful technique all round! It doesn’t hurt that it’s been snowing…

2018/19 Registration Opens June 22nd!

We are just a week away from showing off our new registration page for the coming season. We have made a few adjustments to scheduling in addition to bringing back the 5 Day Biathlon Camp, hosted at Sovereign Lake. We will be sending out an E-Blast with the new registration link soon.

We hope you are having a fantastic spring!

XCSupercamps Management Team

Happy Summer

Hello skiers and Happy Summer!

At both Sovereign Lake and SilverStar, the snow took an exceptionally long time to melt this Spring. There was just that much snow and … it kept snowing! In fact, we had some May powder days. But now it’s definitely summer, the hills are green and the wild berries are starting to rippen up.

As we plan for the Winter it’s easy to forget to enjoy summer, but there really is so much to enjoy! What’s your summer activity? What is your outlet to stay fit, strong and motivated all through the summer until you step on your skis in November at Supercamp?

There is beauty in all seasons and their are great sports to enjoy all through the summer no matter where you are. So enjoy your weekend, and enjoy your Summer, stay fit and we look forward to welcoming you back to Supercamp in November and December!

Registration is now open for Supercamp! Take advantage of the early bird pricing and register soon before camps fill up!

Early Season Snow

We are still waiting for the large snowfalls that Silver Star and Sovereign Lake receive early in the season. This October and November have been abnormally warm and while there has been snow at the elevation of our trails, it has been in very small amounts.

Our two ski areas are very well known for early season skiing and our XC Supercamp is based on this availability. We still have almost 2 weeks until the beginning of Supercamp and a lot of snow can fall in that time. Such as the conditions are, please continue to get your skis waxed up, your gear packed and continue to get excited for this ski season!

Any updates or notices will be posted first here and on our Facebook Page.