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Special Announcement – Programs & Events


Special Announcement

Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre, Silver Star Mountain Resort, and the whole team at XC Supercamp are pleased to release the details on the additional programming for XC Supercamp 2016.

Over the years, the program has evolved from an on snow lesson experience to a comprehensive camp offering on and off snow training. Supercamp is now Canada’s most established and most comprehensive early season cross country camp program. Our staff and coaches pride themselves on being able to offer a program for all ability levels. This even goes beyond the on snow experience. All abilities and skiers with a diversified experience will be able to take part in and get some great insight out of the additional programming.

While looking through the list and descriptions of what is offered beyond the on snow coaching experience, keep in mind that there is still time for you to enjoy the resort atmosphere, the social aspect, and course, your hotel’s hot tub.

Camp 4: November 28 – Dec 2: CLOSED

Camp 4 is now FULL! Thank you to everyone who registered early, we are very excited to be able to deliver such a great program to all of you. Remaining space is limited in all other camps so register now to reserve your spot!

Guest Speakers

Supercamp has always been fortunate to have guest speakers that can provide motivation, education, and something that all skiers can connect with. This year we have two guest speakers for the fall camps.

Lise Dallien Macmillan joins us for Supercamp Camp 1 and 2. Lise is a certified Kinesiologist and Pedothist, has spent over 20 years in the fitness and medical industry. Lise’s presentation is on Posture and Sport For Life.

Posture affects your health. Posture affects your work. Posture affects your skiing. Lise has a great presentation planned on your posture, general alignment and how to use these biomechanics to improve your skiing and general health.

For Camps 3, 4, and 5, we have the great pleasure of welcoming Rio Olympic Bronze Medalist Catharine Pendrel. Catharine has a great story to tell and we are fortunate to have such a talented athlete to inspire us. Catharine’s presentation on goal setting and performance can be applied to our everyday lives, our sports and even your time at Supercamp. Setting goals can help us to find our best performance. Catharine shares her experience in a fun and motivating presentation.

We are excited to open the presentation during Camp 3 to the public.  So, if you are not registered in Supercamp you can still come and enjoy Catharines inspiring story.

Wine & Yoga

There is no doubt that Supercamp can test the physical fitness of individuals who have not had an active summer or fall. Even if you have been active and are feeling strong Supercamp may still push you to use muscles you haven’t used since last winter. We are pleased to welcome Yoga Instructor Sue Cairns to offer a Wine and Yoga session for each fall camp. Yes.. wine and yoga.. together.

Relax, and have a nice glass of wine courtesy of our sponsor Arrowleaf Cellars in Lake Country BC. Sue will take you through a yoga session that will relax you, limber you, and take care of your skiing muscles.

This is a yoga session that everyone can attend, no yoga experience is necessary. No wine drinking experience necessary (but recommended).


We are pleased to welcome Canadian Biathlon legend, Karen Messenger, back to coach at XC Supercamp. Karen has accolades from her biathlon experience and tons of stories for each winter that she spends on the Tour de Fun in Europe (Tour de Fun is a Karen-ism, she can tell you all about it but Google can’t).

Camp 2 and Camp 4 participants have the option of taking part in a Biathlon “taster”.

On Thursday afternoon take a break from skiing and head to the biathlon range and learn to shoot, learn to ski then shoot, and have a  great (and safe) biathlon experience. No previous biathlon experience is necessary, Karen and team will guide you through the learning experience.

For only $50 extra, take in this great experience and go home and tell you family and friends that you are now a Biathlete!


Okanagan Experience Trip

The Okanagan has many rich and unique experiences that you cannot get anywhere else. We want to show off our beautiful home and get you off the mountain to experience these Okanagan gems.

For those skiers who have made this trip in the past, we are very excited to announce that you will not be arriving back at Silver Star at midnight! There is more is added to the schedule and the trip starts earlier. The bus leaves Silver Star at 1 PM and you are back at the resort by 9:30pm.

So join us, hope on the bus and head into Vernon. The first stop is at Vernon’s Cross Country ski store Stussi Sport. Stussi Sport has been a great partner of Supercamp for many years and has been a pillar in the development of Nordic in the Okanagan. We are thrilled to be able to offer our guests a chance to experience their shop.

Then its off to a tasting tour at the international award winning Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery. Feel at home amidst the beautiful reclaimed decor while sampling world class and “best in class” crafted liqueurs and spirits. Tasting and Tour experience included in the price.


Then it’s a short drive to Swarovski crystal-infused Sparkling Hill Resort where you will spa and dine among 3.5 million infused crystals within this modern oasis – a most remarkable hotel and wellness centre with European-inspired design elegance. Nestled close in the foothills of Vernon, and overlooking Lake Okanagan, your personal journey to whole body health and wellness begins here, complemented with a delicious three course meal. An unique experience not to be missed.

The trip is only $125 per person and includes your transportation, the tasting tour at Okanagan Spirits, and welcome from Stussi Sport, access to the KurSpa and a 3 course meal at Sparkling Hill resort (Gratuity and alcohol not included.)

Or, you can save when you register for 2 with the couples rate of $200

If you have already registered for Camp and want to sign up for the Okanagan Experience trip? No problem, just go fill out another registration (but don’t register for the ski part again). Click submit and we’ll group it together with your registration.


Demo Day

We are (obviously) no longer skiing on wood skis and leather boots. Okay, “most of us” are no longer skiing with that equipment. Ski technology has come so far and continues to develop each year. We are pleased to announce that we are putting on BC’s biggest Nordic Demo Day ever!!

Rossignol, Fischer, Swix, Salomon, Madshus, Stussi Sport, and The Village Ski Shop will set up with all their new gear and technology to show you and to let you try the latest skate and classic skis, skate and classic boots, poles and other new technology.

Join the demo day at Sovereign Lake Nordic Centre on Saturday December 3rd and in the Silver Star village on Sunday December 4th. 

We have an amazingly large network of trails, the perfect arena to try this great new gear!

Video Analysis & Personalized Ski Assessment

We are proud to have many of Canada’s best and most experienced coaches working for Supercamp and guiding you through your experience. We’ve found that a great tool our coaches like to use is video analysis. Its helpful (although at times quite humbling) to see ones self ski. We can show you how your body moves. We can show you how your body needs to move. We can show you your improvements from day 1 at Supercamp.

New this year at Supercamp, every skier in every group will be filmed. Your coaches will use this video as a teaching tool during your camp and the video will be posted for you to watch and learn from once you return home.

The learning experience just keeps getting better!

Beyond that, you will be receiving a personalized ski assessment at the end of your camp. This will include information written by your coach that outlines the skills that you covered throughout the camp, things they suggest you continue to work on and improve, and any drills or exercises that you can do on your own to continue your personal ski development!

It’s like homework and a report card all in one… how fun!

SWIX Waxing Workshop

One proud sponsor of XC Supercamp is SWIX. SWIX is a brand name synonymous with nordic skiing and we are pleased to have their ongoing support. SWIX is once again supporting the “Learn to Wax” and “High Performance Waxing” sessions at Supercamp.

All Supercamp participants will have the opportunity to attend a “Learn to Wax” session and the 5 day (Camp 2 and Camp 4) camps will have access to both Learn to Wax and High Performance Wax.

SWIX Wax Tech, Mike Bell is back. Mike is a former Canadian National Team coach and has been Canada’s Wax Tech at several World Masters Competitions. Mike’s experience and passion for helping you to glide comes through in his patient and well described steps for both glide wax and grip wax.

Join Mike first thing in the morning for these great sessions.


Abdominal Stability

Finally, skilled pedothist and coach Coach Murray Wood is offering an off snow interactive session focusing on abdominal stability.

Murray will walk you through a session focusing on four muscles that make up the abdominal musculature group. The location, the isolation and the integration of this muscle group has an important impact on all aspects of nordic skiing and also in everyday lumbar and pelvic stability.

Join Coach Murray for this informative and interactive session offered to all camps.


Click Here to view all the camps and choose which one is right for you.

What Makes a Good Coach

I’ve been fortunate over my athletic years to be coached by some incredible coaches. Even when I stopped competing and began learning new sports, I’ve had great great support and technique instruction. Prior to transitioning into my role as a coach, I came to have a full appreciation for the role a coach fulfills. What I didn’t appreciate, however, was how difficult it actually was to be a coach. Coaches are in such a visible position that exposes them to constant evaluation. Evaluation from their students, their students family & friends, and other coaches in the industry.  But what makes a good coach? I have no doubt everyone has their opinions on that.

A remarkable moment for me as a racer was when I first sat down with my cross country coach. One of the first things she wanted to know was my goals for the season. She did not assume that winning was the most important thing that year. She did not just jump in to what she thought was best. She wanted to learn what I wanted to accomplish so a training plan could be made and implemented to support those goals. While I imagine it is the goal of most racers to win (obviously… for me too) she pushed me beyond this and wanted me to think of these goals as a step towards winning.

There are various parallels between this experience and attending Supercamp. You as a skier come to Supercamp with a goal. That goal may be to master your skills so you can win a race, it might be to learn to ski further and faster, or it might just be to learn to skate or classic. Whatever your goals, it is the responsibility of the Supercamp coaches to learn what they are and work with you to meet those objectives. Our coaches are not just working with you to improve your technique, they are helping to create a remarkable experience where you can achieve your personal best.

So, if I was to be asked what are the traits that make a good coach. My answer is that they do not let their egos and self worth get tied up in the outcome. A good coach is going to learn the objective(s) of their skier, what outcome the skier wants and then work towards creating a learning experience where those objectives can be accomplished. Supercamp is an experience. Our coaches are there for you. Identify your goals and let our camps help you to accomplish great new things.

Our November and December camps are filling up quicker than ever before. We have such a great program to offer you this year so please don’t wait too much longer to register.

See you on the trails soon!
For the whole Supercamp Team

Skate and Classic

This time of year when registrations are coming in hot, I am responding to many emails that ask me a similar question. The questions come in various forms but the consistency is a question relating to my recommendation on which technique options they should choose. At XC Supercamp we offer camps for Skate, camps for Classic, and camps for Skate AND Classic. My recommendation will, of course, depend on your individual goals, but I will encourage you to consider the benefits of being comfortable on both Classic and Skate.

Last season when I was coaching a 5 day Skate and Classic camp I found myself repeating a lot of coaching tips on Classic days that I said on Skate days, and vice-versa. It got to the point where I actually started pointing it out to the students and I saw the ‘lightbulbs’ go on. The two techniques are very similar, in fact, there are only 2 major differences. In Classic, our skis travel in a straight line as opposed to a V and, also in Classic, we stop the ski as apposed to Skate where the ski is always in motion. Otherwise, there is an incredible cross over between the two techniques. The way you stand on your skis, the timing of the preload and kick, the muscles that you use, the joints the you extend, and the ways that you stay balanced and glide on the ski.

Coach Marie-Cat Bruno has said it best: “What you learn in Classic will help your Skate skiing. What you learn for Skate will help your Classic”.

That is how our combination camp came to be. The Skate AND Classic camp offers you the opportunity to learn or improve at both techniques while enjoying alternating days with each technique. Beyond that, what you learn in one technique should help you to be more accomplished at the other. In fact, I will encourage you to take a Skate and Classic camp. I will encourage you to become a well rounded and accomplished skier.

All that to say, let’s talk about your goals and how Supercamp can help you to become a better skier and to continue enjoying your time on snow.

See you on the trails!


U35 Supercamp: Nov 18th – 20th, 2016

Head out onto the perfectly groomed cross country tails, surrounded by snowy trees, beautiful vistas, and a group of young and enthusiastic cross country skiers!

Click here to see all our camp programs!

U35 Supercamp is meant for skiers under the age of 35. What does that mean? A camp dedicated to youthful and energetic skiers who want to have a lot of fun. Whether you are an absolute beginner skier, a talented and fit advanced skier, or anything in between .. our coaches will offer you a fun, engaging, and inspiring camp program.

Sovereign Lake and Silver Star have legendary early season snow. U35 camp gets you out on the trails early in the season, to learn, to refine, and to master your skills for the season ahead.

U35 Supercamp includes all the great fundamentals that Supercamp offers, and much more! In small groups organized by ability and fitness level, our coaches deliver an unprecedented personal ski assessment. Whether your goals are to ski further, ski faster, or ski more efficiently, our coaches will help you meet and exceed your goals. Included in this program is scheduled video analysis sessions, take home material and even some downhill technique training (yes, on Nordic Skis!).

This Supercamp program is more than just a camp, it is a Nordic experience. Take part in a waxing workshop with a pro, stretching sessions, and other training specific sessions. Relax at the end of the day with a Wine & Yoga session. Also included in your Supercamp program is your lunches for 3 days, discounts on Silver Star accommodation, your trail passes for 3 days and much more! Need rentals? We can direct you to the best spots for rentals skis to suit your needs and ability.

U35 Supercamp is no ordinary camp. Its dynamic. Its fun. Its effective. Its geared towards young skiers. And, its the best way to start your season!

Click here for pricing and to Register now to take advantage of the early bird rates, and bring your friends!

Email with any questions.


XC Ski Tips on YouTube

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed our coaches who have been jumping in front of the video camera to offer some technical skiing tips and advice for skate, classic, and all ability levels. Well, we’ve just launched a new YouTube channel so all these videos are in one place and we will update them weekly!

So what can you do to stay up to date with the latest technique in cross country skiing? Head to our YouTube channel and click the subscribe button. This way, you’ll be able to get a notification reminder when we publish a new video. You can also change your following settings on our Facebook page to get the video updates this way. On our Facebook Page,  a button under the main photo will say ‘like’, or ‘liked‘. Make sure it says like, then hover over the button, click on ‘posts in news feed‘ then click ‘see first‘. This will guarantee you see all our videos, photos, and updates from the trails.

We are very excited to release our YouTube channel and the videos are getting better and better! If you have any requests for a video or special technical tip, write us a note on YouTube or respond to this email and we’ll get it on the production list!

Enjoy the glide!

for the whole Supercamp team

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February Supercamp

Supercamp returns this February 19th – 21st for the final camp of the season.

Register now to join Canada’s best coaches on 105km of World class terrain. No matter what your ability or fitness level is, let our coaches help you get to the next level, help you glide further, glide faster and ski more efficiently.

Click here for more information on all the Camps!

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Snapshot of Supercamp

Check out this video for an overview of XC Supercamp and everything that Supercamp can offer. Great snow, incredible trails, and many of Canada’s best coaches!

Supercamp Pro Camp

Pro Camp is for high level skiers! Skiers who can go fast, skiers who can go far, and skiers who would like to race. For the first time in years, Supercamp is offering a high performance camp to support developing skiers who are want to improve their performances at local, national or international events! Pro camp offers an early season training session and on snow support from professional cross country coaches! 

You will be skiing the best early season trails with excellent snow and a focus on you as a racer! The purpose; provide you with individualized learning about race specific technique, terrain skills and getting yourself race fit.  

Learn to Train: Train to race is exactly what we’ll be doing! Our race coaches have years of experience and know all about the time that it takes to train ‘the right way’ to pull off a personal best or even win a race. Training has to be specific, training has to be tactical, and training has to be appropriate for the conditions. There’s a lot to think about when heading out for a training session and our coaches will ease you through the process. 

Race to Win: Improve your race results, achieve a personal best, or just go further faster! Nordic races demand a tactical approach and our coaches will introduce you to these concepts and show you how to best apply them. 

No matter how hard you ski or how fit you are, wax is a very important component of any race. To show you this, we’ve brought in former a World Cup wax technition to give you the feeling of flying on snow. For $150 on top of camp registration, you will receive 2 professional wax services. This included a thorough cleaning of your skis, all the wax and products, and of course, a fast wax appropriate for the current snow conditions. 

Coached by former National Team coach Mike Bell and Cross Country BC’s Dudley Coulter, Pro Camp is an opportunity to get on snow early in your season! Learn the concepts early, practice them throughout the winter, and apply them at your next race to achieve your best! 

Check out when Pro Camp is offered and what’s included by clicking here.


Benefits to early season training and coaching

Silver Star Mountain Resort and Sovereign Lake Nordic Center traditionally have fantastic early season snow. A massive benefit for snow sport enthusiasts is that Cross Country Skiing actually requires very little snow for an enjoyable day of skiing! At XC Supercamp we make the most of this ‘early winter’ and offer all ages and all abilities a cross country experience.

There are a number of benefits to starting the Cross Country season with coaching from Supercamp’s fantastic coaching staff.

  1. Motivation & XC Experience

The best thing to keep you motivated for a great season is to start it off with high energy and a good time. Our coaches offer you more than just lessons on technique; they give you the motivation and inspiration to love what you’re doing, to love sliding on snow.

Supercamp is more than just skiing with professional coaches and learning to balance better, glide more efficiently, or understand the proper timing for uphill climbing, Supercamp offers a complete XC experience. With guest speakers, stretching and yoga sessions, massages, and wax workshops, you and your cohort leave with all the tools necessary to keep your season going strong.

  1. Efficient Skiing

We all want to learn to ski better but what about more efficiently? Imagine skiing further and not being as tired. Imagine skiing further using less energy and getting there quicker. We want you to enjoy skiing and that starts with improving your efficiency on your skis, something our coaches specialize in.

  1. Proper Technique

Struggling with offset skate, one step double pole, or… are you just learning? Our coaches will help you learn to do it all right! Plus, you have a time during camp to improve on these techniques and push your skiing even further. Our coaches are trained to meet the needs of your group and also your individual needs; they will help you succeed.

  1. A full season to practice what you’ve learned.

The best part, you learn all these great things at the beginning of the winter so you have a full season to practice what you’ve learned. Take the skills, techniques and great conversations out on to the trails on your own and put them into action.

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