Happy Summer

Hello skiers and Happy Summer!

At both Sovereign Lake and SilverStar, the snow took an exceptionally long time to melt this Spring. There was just that much snow and … it kept snowing! In fact, we had some May powder days. But now it’s definitely summer, the hills are green and the wild berries are starting to rippen up.

As we plan for the Winter it’s easy to forget to enjoy summer, but there really is so much to enjoy! What’s your summer activity? What is your outlet to stay fit, strong and motivated all through the summer until you step on your skis in November at Supercamp?

There is beauty in all seasons and their are great sports to enjoy all through the summer no matter where you are. So enjoy your weekend, and enjoy your Summer, stay fit and we look forward to welcoming you back to Supercamp in November and December!

Registration is now open for Supercamp! Take advantage of the early bird pricing and register soon before camps fill up!

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