Month: September 2016

Skate and Classic

This time of year when registrations are coming in hot, I am responding to many emails that ask me a similar question. The questions come in various forms but the consistency is a question relating to my recommendation on which technique options they should choose. At XC Supercamp we offer camps for Skate, camps for Classic, and camps for Skate AND Classic. My recommendation will, of course, depend on your individual goals, but I will encourage you to consider the benefits of being comfortable on both Classic and Skate.

Last season when I was coaching a 5 day Skate and Classic camp I found myself repeating a lot of coaching tips on Classic days that I said on Skate days, and vice-versa. It got to the point where I actually started pointing it out to the students and I saw the ‘lightbulbs’ go on. The two techniques are very similar, in fact, there are only 2 major differences. In Classic, our skis travel in a straight line as opposed to a V and, also in Classic, we stop the ski as apposed to Skate where the ski is always in motion. Otherwise, there is an incredible cross over between the two techniques. The way you stand on your skis, the timing of the preload and kick, the muscles that you use, the joints the you extend, and the ways that you stay balanced and glide on the ski.

Coach Marie-Cat Bruno has said it best: “What you learn in Classic will help your Skate skiing. What you learn for Skate will help your Classic”.

That is how our combination camp came to be. The Skate AND Classic camp offers you the opportunity to learn or improve at both techniques while enjoying alternating days with each technique. Beyond that, what you learn in one technique should help you to be more accomplished at the other. In fact, I will encourage you to take a Skate and Classic camp. I will encourage you to become a well rounded and accomplished skier.

All that to say, let’s talk about your goals and how Supercamp can help you to become a better skier and to continue enjoying your time on snow.

See you on the trails!