Month: August 2016

Always Learning at Supercamp

Many Supercamp coaches hold the highest certification in Canada, many in a variety of skiing disciplines. Several are former Cross Country national racers, others raced in different ski disciplines. Some of our coaches have even been teaching on skis for 35+ years! There is no doubt that our coaches are an experienced and talented bunch of skiers and leaders in the sport.

Now fast forward a few months to the summer.

This summer has been a very interesting season as I sit back and watch Supercamp coaches become the students at a new summer sport. As an example, Guy Paulsen completed his white water canoe certification in June. Murray Wood received his level 1 mountain bike certification in July … just to name a few. What I find incredible is how two very accomplished individuals can allow themselves to get kicked to the curb and learn something new, from the ground up.

I’ve realized, that’s what Supercamp is all about!

There are a variety of reasons why people choose to attend Supercamp but for the most part I could group those reasons into 2 categories. Those that want to learn to ski, and those that want to learn to be better. The common denominator between the two … learning! Whether you are an absolute beginner or a talented advanced, by attending Supercamp you are knowingly surrendering your ego to the sport. You are willing to accept that there is more you can learn and there are people who can help. This takes a ton of trust and even more confidence in yourself! By exposing yourself to new people, ideas and environments you are opening yourself up to new opportunities in the sport. Our coaches are the guides and they are going to break you down in order to build you up. Thats what Supercamp is all about.

For those who have attended Supercamp. Thanks for exposing yourself and letting us help. For those of you who have not yet attended Supercamp, join us for a nordic experience and while you are here, leave your ego at the trail head and let’s go glide!

Registration for Supercamp is now open! Take advantage of the early bird rates while they last.