Month: February 2016

XC Ski Tips on YouTube

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have noticed our coaches who have been jumping in front of the video camera to offer some technical skiing tips and advice for skate, classic, and all ability levels. Well, we’ve just launched a new YouTube channel so all these videos are in one place and we will update them weekly!

So what can you do to stay up to date with the latest technique in cross country skiing? Head to our YouTube channel and click the subscribe button. This way, you’ll be able to get a notification reminder when we publish a new video. You can also change your following settings on our Facebook page to get the video updates this way. On our Facebook Page,  a button under the main photo will say ‘like’, or ‘liked‘. Make sure it says like, then hover over the button, click on ‘posts in news feed‘ then click ‘see first‘. This will guarantee you see all our videos, photos, and updates from the trails.

We are very excited to release our YouTube channel and the videos are getting better and better! If you have any requests for a video or special technical tip, write us a note on YouTube or respond to this email and we’ll get it on the production list!

Enjoy the glide!

for the whole Supercamp team

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