Month: October 2015

Benefits to early season training and coaching

Silver Star Mountain Resort and Sovereign Lake Nordic Center traditionally have fantastic early season snow. A massive benefit for snow sport enthusiasts is that Cross Country Skiing actually requires very little snow for an enjoyable day of skiing! At XC Supercamp we make the most of this ‘early winter’ and offer all ages and all abilities a cross country experience.

There are a number of benefits to starting the Cross Country season with coaching from Supercamp’s fantastic coaching staff.

  1. Motivation & XC Experience

The best thing to keep you motivated for a great season is to start it off with high energy and a good time. Our coaches offer you more than just lessons on technique; they give you the motivation and inspiration to love what you’re doing, to love sliding on snow.

Supercamp is more than just skiing with professional coaches and learning to balance better, glide more efficiently, or understand the proper timing for uphill climbing, Supercamp offers a complete XC experience. With guest speakers, stretching and yoga sessions, massages, and wax workshops, you and your cohort leave with all the tools necessary to keep your season going strong.

  1. Efficient Skiing

We all want to learn to ski better but what about more efficiently? Imagine skiing further and not being as tired. Imagine skiing further using less energy and getting there quicker. We want you to enjoy skiing and that starts with improving your efficiency on your skis, something our coaches specialize in.

  1. Proper Technique

Struggling with offset skate, one step double pole, or… are you just learning? Our coaches will help you learn to do it all right! Plus, you have a time during camp to improve on these techniques and push your skiing even further. Our coaches are trained to meet the needs of your group and also your individual needs; they will help you succeed.

  1. A full season to practice what you’ve learned.

The best part, you learn all these great things at the beginning of the winter so you have a full season to practice what you’ve learned. Take the skills, techniques and great conversations out on to the trails on your own and put them into action.

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Learn to Loppet

Ready… Set… Fly!   Join Super Woman as she explores the possibilities of nordic skiing and loppet racing in Europe.   Learn how to plan, prepare for and compete long distance nordic ski races in style.  This presentation by Karen Messenger will help you harness the power of positive thinking in order to discover the super hero that lies within. 

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Supercamp and the New York Times

Last year, Supercamp had the pleasure of welcoming Chris Solomon to Silver Star and Sovereign Lake. Chris, writing for the New York Times produced an outstanding article highlighting his experience at Supercamp.

While Chris found skate skiing to be difficult and humbling, his determination motivated him to sign up for a beginner skate camp. Supercamp provided Chris with a valuable experience and help him achieve personal goals and master skills.

Chris tells an amazing story.

Click here  to visit the New York Times page and enjoy the story of his experience.

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Photo from the New York Times