Month: September 2015

Coach Marie-Cat Bruno at Interski

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The importance of Interski

I knew Interski was kind of a big deal but I didn’t know just how or even why. Maybe I had to go see for myself…

First of all, the emotions. There is something about standing at the top of a slope, hearing “CANADA!” on the big speakers and seeing an ocean of people at the bottom of the run. I had to seriously dig into my World Cup starts experience to finally decide to point them downhill. Something about skiing for your country…

Then there is the camaraderie and the sharing. You meet people from all over the world that are just as passionate about sliding on the snow as you are – some even more than you! You meet incredibly talented athletes that rip the cross country skis one day and the telemark skis “switch” the next. You meet people that have been in the industry for over 6 decades and are still in love with the sport. You meet incredibly inspiring speakers that make you rethink how you’ve been teaching all your life. You meet people that are so interested in the Canadian methods they want to bring you to their country to give sessions to their instructors and course conductors. There is no shortage of awing moments at Interski.

But the real obvious: the sliding on the snow and the teaching of it all. Interski allows you to not only get a glimpse at what other countries are doing, but them sharing some of their gold nuggets that you can take home to use and pass to your peers is of extreme value. Interski also validates what you, as a national organization, have been doing; it is practically a “check-in” with the best snowpros of the world to compare notes and make sure that what you have been working on for the last 4 years (Interski happens every 4 years) is moving you in the right direction. Incredible value in this.

So friends, if you have an opportunity to attend Interski as either a demonstrator or an observer (or both), do not pass it up. You will remember your experience for ever. I also want to stress the importance of CANSI continuing their presence at such events. They are invaluable for the advancement our sport.

Hasta luego!

Marie-Catherine Bruno, Telemark Demonstrator and Presenter at Interski 2015, Ushuaia, Argentina