Month: July 2015

Troy Hudson: Building Fitness in the Mountains with Family

Our newest Supercamp coach is getting out and hitting the mountains this summer. While skiing remains his wintertime passion there is definitely room for off season fun. Having just returned from a trip into the world famous mountaineering mecca of the Bugaboos in the Kootenays, just an hour from his home town of Golden, Troy spent 6 days exploring, teaching mountain skills and hanging out with his son Julian high up among the granite spires. “As your kids grow up, the world opens up for big mountain exploration with your kids. There is nothing more exciting than introducing your passions to your children and seeing them thrive in that environment”, says Troy. ¬†Troy will be working his first winter season with Supercamp as the new General Manager of Sovereign Lake Nordic Club.

What big adventures are you up to this summer?!